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Thomas Attwood’s second wife, Elizabeth

In 1844 Thomas Attwood married his second wife, Elizabeth Grice. Mrs Attwood, the daughter of Joseph Grice of Handsworth Hall, built The Boynes in the 1850s. 

By the time of their marriage Thomas Attwood was in financial difficulties and far from well. In 1856 he died at Ellerslie in Malvern, a clinic run by his doctor. He is buried in Hanley Castle churchyard.

On Tuesday 20th September, 1870 the Chapel of Ease at the Hook, the Chapel of the Good Shepherd, was consecrated by the Bishop of Worcester . . . Elizabeth Attwood and later residents at The Boynes played an important part in the life of the chapel from its foundation and for nearly a hundred years thereafter. 

Elizabeth Attwood’s two brothers were both Anglican clerics: one, Joseph held curacies at Queenhill and Ripple and lived for a while at The Mount. How much part Mrs Attwood played in starting the chapel is not clear: Mrs Lawson, in The Nation in the Parish, says that the site was provided “by an arrangement between Mrs Attwood and the late Major Martin”, but, as noted, the site was actually given wholly by Major Martin, although Mrs Attwood contributed generously to the chapel in both cash and gifts, including a brass lectern. 

Elizabeth Attwood’s contribution to the life of the chapel, from 1870 until her death in 1888, is recognized in the East Window by Heaton, Butler & Bayne given by George and Louisa Grice-Hutchinson “aided by several Cottager Friends”. She is buried with her husband at Hanley Castle. 

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