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CREDEX, a community currency, is being launched in Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter

October 19, 2019

Malcolm Currie, who often attended the Bromsgrove Group, has drawn attention to the Birmingham chapter of Green Drinks, which started in 1990, is active in over 500 cities worldwide, listed here and is fundamentally about face to face interaction.

On Tuesday 17th September, a Green Drinks session focussed on CREDEX, a community currency being launched in the Jewellery Quarter, at the LOCANTA RESTAURANT, 31 LUDGATE HILL, ST PAUL’S SQUARE. B3 1EH. The usual arrangements for Green Drinks applied and readers may see further information, on its website, by looking up the name of their nearest town.

The session featured Stuart Bowles’ introduction to CREDEX, an alternative/community currency.

The origin of this credit based system is the SARDEX currency of Sardinia. Turnover of this B2B system, amongst Sardinian SMEs, was €81million in 2017. Read more here.

The system has been adopted by eleven of mainland Italy’s regions, each region establishing its own local variant. This is a genuine “bootstrap” currency, which promotes the local, encourages innovation, supports moves toward sustainability. See the CBS article here.

It is a wholly credit based system; requires no capital or national currency loans to start trading; bears no interest; has no dependency on external funding.

Those attending learnt how this currency will operate in the Jewellery Quarter and how to get involved in developing it further.

CONTACT: Malcolm Currie, Globally Local,





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