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The 2016 Attwood Award

September 3, 2016

The 2016 Attwood Award will be given to Ridhi Kalaria for her lively promotion of the Birmingham Pound. Karen Leach of Localise West Midlands once said that Ridhi is “a huge asset to the Birmingham Pound steering group. She thinks strategically and with clarity and insight, is creative and fun to work with, communicates well with very different audiences, and has got a lot done in a short space of time.”

b'ham pound header

News of this project – and of the Bristol Pound – has been carried for years on several websites and this 2013 account of the Bristol Pound may be read on the Thomas Attwood site. More recent news is that the operating technology which manages the different accounts -the Cyclos system – will be hosted in trail-blazing Bristol.

ridhi video

Bristol Pound director Chris Sunderland explains that “Most of the money spent in a city, leaves almost as soon as it’s spent. It goes up to the financial institutions and gets lost. What people can be sure of with Bristol Pounds is that they’re circulating in the city and that’s where they’ll stay”

A marketing campaign will start to get individuals and businesses to pledge to use the Birmingham Pound “pilot” launch within 6 months in at least two areas, with plans to scale up in due course. 

guild ind currenciesAn autumn currencies workshop, to be held in Birmingham, is being planned with the Guild of Independent Currencies, which has been set up by the Bristol Pound in order to help other groups to launch a local currency and to support them through shared knowledge and technology.




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