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Fran Boait of Positive Money: strengthening the international movement for money reform

June 20, 2015

fran boaitOver the last 5 years, there have been some big milestones for the campaign to reform the money system. Within the UK, Positive Money has sparked a debate amongst Policymakers, key academic thinkers, politicians, and the Bank of England.

But that is just the beginning. The International Movement for Money Reform is taking off across the world.

All these sister organisations are making incredible progress and pushing the message into the mainstream media. New campaigns are being set up by people from all over the world – most recently in India and Bulgaria.

  • In Switzerland MoMo is collecting 100,000 signatures to trigger a national referendum on introducing Sovereign Money (“Vollgeld”)
  • In the Netherlands Ons Geld are championing a citizens’ initiative to put money creation on the political agenda, which has been signed by over 113,000 people and submitted to the Dutch Parliament.
  • In Iceland, a report commissioned by the Prime Minister was recently published. It outlined the need for reform of Iceland’s monetary system.
  • Denmark has a general election in less than 2 weeks and a new party ‘The Alternative’ is advocating sovereign money.

If we are going to succeed in creating a financial system where money is created for the many and not the few, we need a strong international movement. That is why we are going to hire an International Coordinator to grow the movement, strengthen national campaigns and develop the network as a whole.

Can readers help us make this International Movement happen? Donations will help us to:

– provide training for 10 national campaigns;

– support and strengthen national campaigns

– and coordinate a campaign on ‘Quantitative Easing for the People’ in the Eurozone.

Could you donate today to help us grow an international movement??


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