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Positive Money structures

January 28, 2015

We return to the work of Positive Money, standing strongly on the shoulders of those who have advocated reform of the money system during the last 60 years or so, looking back to Edward Holloway, and further, to Thomas Attwood in the nineteenth century. 

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In November we recorded news from Fran Boait, who commended Adair Turner’s proposal, which would produce economic growth without getting the household sector even further into debt. She also highlighted the backbench Commons debate into the topic of “money creation and society”, saying that this is the first time that these issues have been addressed head on in the House in 170 years.

New readers will appreciate news of Positive Money’s aims and advisers. PM is working to change the UK money system and ‘democratise money and banking’, in order to create a fairer society and a more stable economy. It is based in the UK but has sister organisations in the countries shown below. Snapshot from the site:


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The Positive Money team is campaigning for the power to create money to be used in the public interest, in a democratic, transparent and accountable way, rather than by the same banks that caused the financial crisis.

Their impressive Board of Advisors includes economics professors, authors, entrepreneurs and people from the financial industry who see the need for change. Read more from their website below:

Our Mission

Team & Directors

Board of Advisors

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A search revealed 16 posts about its ‘Generation Next’ founder, Ben Dyson, and four years’ of work, on the New Era website.

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