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Memories of Edward Holloway

January 3, 2015

Ken Palmerton writes after reading the last post:

ken palmerton 2 smallerThank you so much for reminding me of Edward Holloway. I counted him a great mate, and he taught me much that i have come to value.

If you were to ask what I remember most it was his insistence that nations should only trade true surpluses. He was a strong critic of powerful people turning nations, often small island nations, into monocultures.

He stood a couple of times as a Liberal Parliamentary candidate in the 1950s in Ealing, West London.

Some time later I attended one of his lectures, and was impressed by the breadth of membership of the Economic Reform Club, right across the political spectrum. I have membership list somewhere, and the names do impress, with considerable influence. It was at the club that I first met Beeching, he was its chairman at one time.

I do not think it is at all exaggerated to say that he single-handedly badgered the Government into setting up, and issuing the Radcliffe report, though Edward was bitterly disappointed at the mealy mouthed findings, but what more could he expect of a committee packed with bankers and their hangers on? In effect it was a re-run of the 1919 Cunliffe report and the 1930 MacMillan report.

I think his rejection of Social Credit ideas had much to do with the antics of some of the green shirts, and punchups at the White City with Mosley’s black shirts, before the banning of political uniforms.

His death on the steps of the club’s Park Lane offices was a great loss to us all.


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