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The monetary reform message appreciated in New Delhi

July 14, 2014

James Robertson gardenThe untimely death of 47 year old Jehangir Pocha brings back memories of a connection made in 2008. When he was the editor of India’s most widely read business weekly, BusinessWorld, he became acquainted with James Robertson’s monetary reform work and was so impressed that he arranged a phone call from Delhi. James (left) later wrote an article which was published in the Sept/Oct issue:

This link no longer works and, as BW’s archive has only retained very indistinct pictures of the cover of each issue, we really appreciate finding a copy in the Green Party’s Sustainable Economics magazine, edited by Brian Leslie and have added another on this site:

In 2012, after receiving a copy of Future Money, Pocha ordered many copies to be given to primary and secondary decision-makers in India. He sent this email message:

Sunday, June 17, 2012 8:19 AM

I am really enjoying Future Money. It is a excellent book, with the simple language and structure of a 101 textbook but the underlying profundity of a treatise on philosophy. After I complete the book I will also try to review it for a newspaper or magazine here.

It is also an important book, and so I wanted to ask if you know how I can order some 50-odd copies for India. I want to send the book to various ministers, politicians, businessmen and bureaucrats, including our central bank governors.

I wonder if there is also an e-book that can be downloaded. Couldn’t find it online.

I don’t know if James will remember me given we last talked three years ago! But if you have them, do send me his email and/or telephone number as I would like to congratulate him on the book.

He later added: “I have seen the PDF and will disseminate the web address too. But people here – especially the kind I want to give the book to – are not really the Kindle type. Hard copies will be best for them”.

Were any seeds sown by these copies? Sometimes it takes years for the light to dawn . . .

jehangir 2Mainstream background: the late Jehangir Pocha was born in Mumbai, read Economics (1990), followed by an MBA in Marketing (1992) from the SP Jain Institute, Mumbai University. Later he took a Masters in Public Administration, Media and foreign policy at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government. His marketing career included stints with FTP software as Director and with Unisys as a marketing executive. Later he ‘went back to school’ & became the Beijing correspondent for the Boston Globe (2003-2007). His next move was to edit Businessworld. He then co-founded IndiMedia Pvt Ltd, and became editor in chief of NewsX TV.

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