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Bromsgrove Group: Bill Clarke writes from Australia

March 14, 2014


In September Molly Scott Cato wrote, “we finally got the monetary reform motion through conference yesterday” and a useful link to the Green Party’s online account was given in James Robertson’s rich and wide-ranging newsletter.

After the death of his wife, Bill, who retired to Australia where he had worked for many years, comments:

“With the Greens, at long last, accepting monetary reform it seems as though our efforts are beginning to bear fruit. I forwarded your email about the Greens to the Aussie party (who hold the balance of power in the Senate).

“Let’s hope they respond much quicker than the UK mob”.

bromsgrove group picture
 Bill: fourth from the left, front row. Some readers will recognise other familiar faces.

Replying to my questions about his life in Australia, he earlier wrote:

I have a one bedroom unit (flat) on the ground floor at the end of a double storey block with a back verandah and garden that has sun all day. It’s called Live Alone and I am completely independent. I do my own cooking, housework and shopping. There are umpteen facilities in the retirement village but I only use the gym, to ride an exercise bike, the cafe to socialize and the library. I was in the book club and poetry group but had to drop them because they clashed with the days when I go to a couple of clubs I have joined that go out on trips. I also see friends and family regularly so life is pretty full.

I had an annual medical check-up and everything was ok, so much so that I am now off medication completely except for calcium tablets. My leg is still painful because of arthritis in the ankle but I can get around OK, with a stick. (Ed: Bill was knocked off his cycle in England and his leg was greatly damaged).

My days of being politically active are over except for what I can do on the internet . . .


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