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An October tribute to James Gibb Stuart

December 18, 2013
Belatedly entered; the editor has been overwhelmed with material for various websites and only now is sorting it out.
Ken Palmerton writes:
ken palmertonIt would be difficult to imagine any discussion of monetary reform matters without referring to James Gibb Stuart, for though we had many areas of political disagreement he was enough of a gentlemen to agree that we should set them aside to allow dialogue and co operation on the more important issues that we did agree upon.


I accepted without question his lead that we should first concentrate on one issue alone, that the state should return to its sovereign role as the creators and issuers of our national money supply. All the other myriad arguments and debates we reformers tend to get dragged into were and are secondary.

In this I believe he is and was right. And we would do well to keep his wisdom forever in our sights.

He was forever mindful that I came from a part of the British Isles, Jersey, that always kept to this principle, though they are now under severe pressure to give up and forget their history.

I am disappointed that his obituary in the Herald made no reference to his lead part in advising the Prime Minister of Malaysia concerning a successful survival of his nation from the malign actions of international economic bodies.
For many his advice was life changing.
Rest well James, from a life well lived.

God bless you.


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