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The Attwood Cup, bought by the pennies of Birmingham artisans

September 16, 2013

Matthew Redmond writes:

You will be interested to know that I am in consultation with Birmingham’s Lord Mayor in trying to get the magnificent Attwood Cup out on display in the display cabinet in the Council House for people to see. More about this later…

Silver cup made by T.Simpson & Sons and presented to Thomas Attwood

Silver cup made by T.Simpson & Sons and presented to Thomas Attwood

Matt sent a text from Wikipedia which led the writer to another interesting text , a facsimile page and the website on which the picture of the cup appeared, which has a large collection of Attwood-related pictures.


In October 1811 (Thomas Attwood) was elected high bailiff of Birmingham. In the following year he first took a prominent part in public affairs, by agitating for the repeal of the orders in council which restricted British trade with the continent and the United States.

Attwood and Richard Spooner were chosen to represent to government the position of the manufacturing interest of the town. The orders were partially revoked in June, and on 6 Oct. 1813 the artisans of Birmingham presented Attwood with a silver cup in acknowledgment of his services.

 In 1823 he spoke vehemently against the renewal of the East India Company’s charter, and, proceeding to London, exerted himself to organise a parliamentary opposition. Although the charter was renewed, many of its conditions were modified, and the company’s monopoly of trade was abolished.


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