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Sovereign Money – a new website

July 19, 2013

joseph huber


Professor Joseph Huber, the chair of economic and environmental sociology at Martin Luther University of Halle-Wittenberg, writes:.

Over the past weeks I have created a new website:


joseph huber website header


The intention is to tackle one of the barriers to monetary reform, i.e. lack of recognition and support by ‘official’ experts.

The website contributes to monetary and banking theory and conceptual questions of monetary reform. In particular, it wants to promote a New Currency Theory point of view, as opposed to banking doctrines.

The target group includes researchers, analysts, think-tank staff, expert journalists, strategic planners, policy makers, teachers and adult educators, and other people who are active in knowledge and opinion building and the formation and implementation of policies.


Professor Huber would welcome comments and suggestions.


Video links below may be of interest – especially to those who did not meet at the Westminster launch of Creating New Money. A monetary reform for the information age, written with James Robertson:

At the Occupy Berlin Biennale:


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