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Thomas Attwood refers to ‘the 1%’ in 1837

November 30, 2011

Thomas Attwood, former Chartist, promoter of the Reform Bill and Birmingham’s fIrst MP, said at a meeting of the Birmingham Political Union in 1837: 

“We have against us, the whole of the aristocracy, nine-tenths of the gentry, the great body of the clergy, and all the pensioners, sinecurists, and bloodsuckers that feed on the vitals of the people.” 

The Industrial History of Modern England, by George Herbert Perris, p241

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  1. December 23, 2011 12:46 pm

    Sorry to be awkward, but it would be helpful if you included the quote referred to in the ‘headline’: “the 1%” is currently a very emotive phrase, and if it was first used in 1837, it would be useful to have the exact source. When I clicked on the link to the book which provides the quote used, it was not possible to find the “1%” quote.

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