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2011 Attwood Award to James Gibb Stuart

October 18, 2011

After an introduction by John Johansen-Berg and Angela Shaw’s words about Thomas Attwood, political and economic reformer and Birmingham’s first MP, an Attwood Award for long service to the cause of monetary reform was presented to James Gibb Stuart on Saturday October 15th 2011, by Thomas Southwell – a member of the Attwood family.



James’ daughter, Marjorie Clifton, recalled many episodes in her father’s life as a businessman and activist. Following a career in the Air Force and Army, James has now published a dozen or so books and booklets on the current monetary system and continues to update these as the affairs of Government and monetary policy continues to change, particularly in current times. 



Fantopian Perspective
The Money Bomb
Scotland and its Money
Economics of the Green Renaissance
Survival Island (Video)

 Click on the links to learn more


James has convened and hosted annual meetings of the Bromsgrove Group, which meets to exchange news and analysis of monetary reform issues. His work has attracted interest from around the world, including America’s Stephen Zarlenga and Congressman Dennis Kucinich.  He received the American Monetary Institute’s Lifetime Achievement Award. 

He also has given sterling service to the National Pure Water Association and played a major part in keeping Scotland’s water free of artificially added fluoride.  


Next week: James Robertson  receives 2011 Attwood Award


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