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Ben Dyson continues his work for monetary reform

April 27, 2011

Ben Dyson, like Thomas Attwood in his time, is working for beneficial reform of the monetary system. 

He rightly insists that the crisis in banking, housing, debt and unemployment deserves the examination of systemic solutions, including monetary reform.

In the picture opposite Ben is speaking to the Bromsgrove group who share this concern.

After providing an extremely clear and compelling presentation on monetary reform at the 2009 American Monetary Institute Conference, Positive Money’s Ben was interviewed by Local Future founder Aaron Wissner and discussed the causes of the crisis, how banks create money, how to prevent a recurrence of this crisis in the future, and perhaps to also bring a quicker recovery. 

Watch Aaron Wissner interviewing Ben Dyson here. 

A search of this website will lead the reader to other news about the work of Positive Money’s Ben Dyson.


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