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An update on Ben Dyson’s work for reform of the monetary system

March 17, 2011


News of Positive Money’s successful student conference was posted on this site in October 2010 and the One Cut campaign was covered here in February. 


A presentation to the Independent Banking Commission 

Positive Money, nef (the new economics foundation) and Professor Richard Werner (Director of Banking, Finance and Sustainable Development at Southampton University) were invited to make a presentation to the Independent Banking Commission in early March. This followed Positive Money’s joint submission to the Independent Banking Commission: Towards a Twenty-First Century Banking and Monetary System

Research findings were presented to the Independent Banking Commission on Thursday 3rd March. The meeting went on for an hour longer than the scheduled times and, as a result, Positive Money has been asked to do a cost appraisal for the full reserve banking reform, going into detail about the financial impact of the proposals for the banks. 


Roundtable discussion at Oxford

On 4th March Ben was on the speakers’ panel at the Positive Money at Oxford University Roundtable Discussion, which included Angela Knight of the British Bankers’ Association and Professor David Miles – a member of the Monetary Policy Committee at the Bank of England.

The discussion was held under Chatham House Rules, so what was said cannot be passed on, but there was sparring between Ben Dyson and those likeliest to oppose the reform.

He is having an ongoing email discussion with David Miles regarding the current system and how our reform would work – a major step forward.  


An office in East London 

Following a very generous contribution from the Finance Lab an office in East London which will be a base for the campaign, with room for six people to work, Ben Dyson, Ben Curtis, and extra space for another four volunteers.  

We look forward to the development of this important work.

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