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Working for beneficial reform of the banking system

March 10, 2011


Back to the present with an overview of Ben Dyson’s work to reform the banking system.

New readers can look back to earlier reports and read about the First Student Conference on Fundamental Monetary Reform: ‘Banking Shapes the World: How Money & Banking is at the Root of Debt, Crisis & Poverty.’

 They could also see a video about the One Good Cut Campaign which  has been launched to show a wider audience that the current banking system is hugely harmful to society and the economy.


We look forward to posting news of two recent events: 


–  the presentation which Positive Money, nef (the new economics foundation) and Professor Richard Werner (Director of Banking, Finance and Sustainable Development at Southampton University) were invited to make to the Independent Banking Commission in early March, following their joint submission.  


–  and the Positive Money at Oxford University Roundtable Discussion , at which Ben Dyson was on the speakers’ panel with Angela Knight of the British Bankers’ Association and Professor David Miles of the Bank of England.


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