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Positive Money campaign

February 19, 2011


More from Ben Dyson – in the tradition of Thomas Attwood 


We’re currently slashing public services like schools and hospitals in order to clean up after a crisis created by the banks.

But there is an alternative. Instead of cutting funding to things we actually need, we can just cut benefits to bankers.


About the One Good Cut Campaign

We’ve launched this campaign to show a wider audience that the current banking system is hugely harmful to society and the economy. It was the fundamental business model that banks used that got us into this crisis, and now ordinary people are paying for the clean-up operation. While public services are slashed as a consequence (hurting those on low incomes more than the rich), the big banks go back to business as usual, benefiting from a range of subsidies and benefits that most businesses could only dream of.

Of course the biggest subsidy is their licence to digitally ‘print’ hundreds of billions of pounds every single year, and pocket the interest on all this new money.


This three minute video – from our new campaign One Good Cut – explains everything. Due no doubt to our lack of technical expertise, the arrow below is not working here. To hear and see the video, click on



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