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James Gibb Stuart

February 3, 2011

Following a career in the Air Force and Navy, James Gibb Stuart worked in the family business of W. Gibb Stuart.  He published his first book, ‘Mind Benders’, in 1979.

 A later work, Money Bomb, was launched on the morning of the Chancellor’s Budget in April 1983. Although it was featured in the 1st Edition of the London Evening Standard, by the time the second edition was on the streets, the article had been pulled and orders taken earlier that day from publishers were mysteriously cancelled. 

Clearly the Money Bomb had hit a raw nerve with the authorities and the assumption is that the powers that be must have felt it was too close to the truth for comfort. 

James has now published a dozen or so books and booklets on the current monetary system and continues to update these as the affairs of Government and monetary policy continues to change. The writer particularly appreciates Fantopia and Fantopian Perpective.

He has continued to meet members from various groups around the world who are equally passionate about monetary reform.

Since the late 1990s James Gibb Stuart has sponsored and hosted an annual gathering of people advocating monetary reform, “The Bromsgrove Group’, at Barnes Close near Bromsgrove.



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